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This section features the ‘paper of the moment’ we’d encourage you to pay a bit closer attention to!

With harvest all wrapped up, in coming weeks we’ll be checking in with the progress of the iHSD (integrated Harrington Seed Destructor). However, it was a detailed process to get to the point of the commercialisation of the iHSD. The paper Harrington Seed Destructor: A new nonchemical weed control tool for global grain crop introduces the tool defined as the HSD and provides detailed information on the science behind how it works. 

The details of this paper are:

M Walsh, R Harrington, S Powles, Crop Science 2012,  Vol 52  pp 1343-1347

DOI: 10.2135/cropsci2011.11.0608


We’d encourage you to have a closer look at this paper to garner a detailed background on this revolutionary piece of machinery.

And if you’d like to watch a bit more on the iHSD, AHRI’s Peter Newman joined unforgettable inventor and farmer Ray Harrington in 2016, accompanied by Devon Gilmour of McIntosh & Sons, to talk about the opportunities and challenges of incorporating the iHSD into Australia’s cropping systems. You can watch the webinar below: