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AHRI Snapshots is a podcast which provides information on what we do at the Australian Herbicide Resistance Initiative

Our researchers work out of the University of Western Australia, next to the beautiful Swan River in WA’s capital, Perth.

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Dr Greg Rebetzke talks about research into high vigour wheat

CSIRO wheat breeder Dr Greg Rebetzke talks to Jessica Strauss about the research being conducted into developing a new high vigour wheat. What if we could have a wheat variety that could play the yield game and the competition game? High vigour kinds of wheat are not only good for competing with weeds; they also serve to shade the soil to reduce evaporation and ultimately increase water-use efficiency. Click through for more.


New barley grass and brome RIM

You may have used the handy Ryegrass RIM AHRI developed. Now, thanks to the efforts of CSIRO and GRDC, as well as AHRI, new RIM models for both brome and barley grass will become available. Find out more in this podcast with Rick Llewellyn and Jessica Strauss.


Chinese scholars at AHRI


We’re really fortunate to have excellent Chinese visiting scholars and Ph.D. students at AHRI. In this podcast, Steve Powles chats with Jessica Strauss about how the win-win program started.


Keeping non-herbicidal weed tactics working

Much like we promote rotating herbicides to keep them working, Mike Ashworth explains in this podcast how mixing up how non-herbicidal weed tactics are applied, helps maintain their effectiveness too. Take a listen!


Microbial degradation of propyzamide

Some excellent research conducted by Stephen Hole, under the watchful eye of Professor Steve Powles at the University of Adelaide in the mid-1990’s investigated the microbial degradation of propyzamide and another similar herbicide, carbetamide. Take a listen to why this is still important today!


HWSC adoption survey

Chaff cart

Not so long ago harvest weed seed control (HWSC) was only used by a minority of early adopting grain growers, now it has gone mainstream and pretty soon just about everyone will be doing it. Every few years GRDC fund a large grower practices telephone survey. The most recent survey was conducted by CSIRO in 2014, and they collaborated with Michael Walsh who at the time managed the HWSC program at AHRI (now at University of Sydney) to design the HWSC questions. Michael has now reported on the results in a recent scientific publication. Jessica Strauss speaks with Peter Newman…