Australian Herbicide Resistance Initiative (AHRI)

2015 Articles

PDF icon Multiple herbicide-resistant wild radish (Raphanus raphanistrum) populations dominate Western Australia

M Owen, N Martinez & S Powles, Crop & Pasture Science, 66: 1079-1085

PDF icon Cross-resistance to prosulfocarb + S-metolachlor and pyroxasulfone selected by either herbicide in Lolium rigidum

R Busi, & S Powles, Pest Management Science, online

PDF icon Manipulating crop row orientation and crop density to suppress Lolium rigidum

C Borger, A Hashem, & S Powles, Weed Research, online.

PDF icon Identification of glyphosate-resistant Lolium rigidum and Raphanus raphanistrum populations within the first Western Australian plantings of transgenic glyphosate-resistant canola

M Ashworth, M Walsh, K Flower & S Powles, Crop & Pasture Science, 66:930-937.

PDF icon RIM: Anatomy of a Weed Management Decision Support System for Adaptation and Wider Application

M Lacoste & S Powles, Weed Science, 63:676–689.

PDF icon Target-site EPSPS Pro-106 mutations: sufficient to endow glyphosate resistance in polyploid Echinochloa colona?

H Han, Q Yu, M Widderick, S Powles, Pest Management Science, online.

PDF icon Effect of herbicide resistance endowing Ile-1781-Leu and Asp-2078-Gly ACCase gene mutations on ACCase kinetics and growth traits in Lolium rigidum

M Vila-Aiub, Q Yu, H Han & S Powles, Journal of Experimental Botany, online

PDF icon Response to low-dose herbicide selection in self-pollinated Avena fatua

R Busi, M Girotto & S Powles, Pest Management Science, online

PDF icon Herbicide resistance in Bromus and Hordeum spp. in the Western Australian grain belt

M Owen, N Martinez & S Powles, Crop & Pasture Science, 66: 466-473

PDF icon Widespread occurrence of both metabolic and target-site herbicide resistance mechanisms in Lolium rigidum populations

H Han, Q Yu, M Owen, G Cawthray & S Powles, Pest Management Science, online.


PDF icon Evolution of a double amino acid substitution in the 5-enolpyruvylshikimate-3-phosphate synthase in Eleusine indica conferring high-level glyphosate resistance

Q Yu, A Jalaludin, H Han, M Chen, RD Sammons & S Powles, Plant Physiology, 167: 1440-1447

PDF icon A potential role for endogenous microflora in dormancy release, cytokinin metabolism and the response to fluridone in Lolium rigidum seeds

D Goggin, RJ Emery, L Kurepin & S Powles, Annals of Botany, 115: 293-301