Australian Herbicide Resistance Initiative (AHRI)

2017 Articles

Gayle Somerville, pre-em How do spatial heterogeneity and dispersal in weed population models affect predictions of herbicide resistance evolution?

Weed population simulations can be useful to predict the effects of alternative management practices on herbicide resistance (HR) evolution. Almost all previous simulations have ignored the possibility of within-field spatial structure in a weed population, instead making the implicit assumption of perfect dispersal and spatial homogeneity in population density and genetics. The effects of this simplifying assumption have not been examined, despite the fact that dispersal limitations and spatial structure within the population are likely to occur and to affect the evolution of resistance. Therefore, we developed a new spatially-explicit model called SOMER, and examined how changing the following factors…

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High Levels of Adoption Indicate That Harvest Weed Seed Control Is Now an Established Weed Control Practice in Australian Cropping

HWSC systems that target weed seed production during harvest have been in use in Australian crop production systems for over 30 years. Until recently, though, grower adoption of these systems has been relatively low. It is now apparent with the introduction of a range of new weed seed targeting systems that there is renewed grower interest in the use of this approach to weed control. With the aim of determining the current adoption and use of HWSC systems, 600 crop producers from throughout Australia’s cropping regions were interviewed on their adoption and use of these systems. This survey established that…

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harvest weed seed control Harvest Weed Seed Control Systems are Similarly Effective on Rigid Ryegrass

The paper, Harvest Weed Seed Control Systems are Similarly Effective on Rigid Ryegrass, was conducted as field research led by Michael Walsh. This was in itself a major logistics task. AHRI purchased, with GRDC support, a John Deere combine grain harvester, which was transported across the nation from west to east at wheat harvest time. Thousands of kilometres were traversed to conduct this research! In 24 locations on normal commercial farm fields across the vast grain belts of Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales at wheat harvest time, the harvest weed seed control (HWSC) techniques of narrow windrow with…

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Wild radish in flower Inheritance of 2,4-D resistance traits in multiple herbicide-resistant Raphanus raphanistrum populations

R Busi, S Powles, Plant Science, 2017 Vol 257 pp 1-8.  

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Characterisation of glufosinate resistance mechanisms in Eleusine indica

A Jalaludin, Q Yu, P Zoellner, R Beffa, S Powles, Pest Management Science, online

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Can herbicide safeners allow selective control of weedy rice infesting rice crops?

R Busi, N Nguyen, B Chauhan, F Vidotto, M Tabacchie & S Powles, Pest Management Science, online

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