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AHRI Snapshots is a podcast which provides info on what we do at AHRI, as well as updates on weeds research from across the country and internationally.

AHRI researchers work out of the University of Western Australia, next to the beautiful Swan River in WA’s capital, Perth.

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Are herbicide mixtures unaffected by resistance?

Today on AHRI Snapshots we’re catching up with AHRI’s Dr Roberto Busi. He recently had a paper published which was co-authored by AHRI Director Dr Hugh Beckie entitled: Are herbicide mixtures unaffected by resistance? A case study with Lolium rigidum. He joins us to tell us what he found.


US researcher Assoc Prof Todd Gaines shares exciting finding on 2,4-D resistance

In this edition of AHRI Snapshots, we catch up with Colorado State University weeds researcher, Associate Professor Todd Gaines. Todd has previously worked out of AHRI and we thought it would be good to catch up with him to see what he’s focusing on at the moment.


An insight into what to expect at the 2020 Crop Protection Forum

Today on AHRI Snapshots, WeedSmart Southern Extension Agronomist Greg Condon who presented at Moama’s event gives an overview of what to expect, and one of last year’s attendees, Birchip Cropping Group’s Kelly Angel gives her perspective.


AHRI agronomy update with Research Officer Roberto Lujan Rocha

In this week’s podcast, we catch up with AHRI Research Officer, Roberto Lujan Rocha who gives an update on where the agronomy team is at with a range of their projects. We talk about how the team is looking at whether certain weeds like ryegrass and wild radish evolve to evade harvest weed seed control tactics and also cover work the team is doing in pre-emergent herbicides.


Fitness of herbicide resistant weeds: what we know and the implications for management

In this episode of AHRI Snapshots, we catch up with Professor Martin Vila-Aiub to find out about his recent paper “Fitness of Herbicide-Resistant Weeds: Current Knowledge and Implications for Management” which was recently published in a special edition of Herbicide Resistance in Plants.


Has crop seed cleaning improved in the last 10 years?

On this edition of AHRI Snapshots, we’re catching up with AHRI’s Dr Mechelle Owen about her latest paper “Lessons learnt: crop-seed cleaning reduces weed-seed contamination in Western Australian grain samples” and also find out what’s in the pipeline for her upcoming survey work in Western Australia.