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AHRI Snapshots is a podcast which provides info on what we do at AHRI, as well as updates on weeds research from across the country and internationally.

AHRI researchers work out of the University of Western Australia, next to the beautiful Swan River in WA’s capital, Perth.

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How phase farming can reduce an annual ryegrass seedbank

In this podcast, we catch up with AHRI Agronomy Researcher Dr Yaseen Khalil about some of the key findings from two of his recent studies. We learn about the effectiveness of different weed control tacts in serradella, which is a legume pasture species. We  also  learn about how pasture phase farming can be used to reduce the annual ryegrass seed bank in a serradella crop.


Rapid on-farm testing of ryegrass to pre and post-em herbicides explained

On today’s AHRI Snapshots, we’re catching up with previous AHRI Masters student Martina Badano. Martina worked with Dr Roberto Busi back in 2019 on rapid on-farm testing. Her paper “Rapid On-Farm Testing of Resistance in Lolium rigidum to Key Pre- and Post-Emergence Herbicides” has just been published. We’re going to find out more about it.


Mixing herbicides could be the answer to Sakura® resistant ryegrass

AHRI researcher, Dr Danica Goggin and others have recently discovered how ryegrass has evolved resistance to Sakura.  It’s all about GSTs. Not the tax type, rather gluthione transferase (Danica explains in the podcast why the ‘S’ was dropped!). Take a listen!


AHRI on show at WeedSmart Week & research update

In this episode we catch up with AHRI Director Hugh Beckie who recently presented at WeedSmart Week in Esperance. Hugh provides a snapshot into some of the practical research outcomes he was able to share with growers in Esperance in regards to recent results out of the AHRI agronomy team.


Farmer Daniel Birch explains how resistance testing has helped in his planning

Farmer and podcast guest, Daniel Birch

Daniel Birch farms  at Catalina Farms near Marchagee in WA’s wheatbelt. He recently got resistance testing done through Dr Roberto Busi’s resistance testing program. Daniel also attended Roberto’s last resistance workshop which took place last week in Dalwallinu. In this interview, Daniel explained how the results from his resistance testing has assisted in helping to make planning decisions. He also provides an overview of what the workshop was like and the key learnings out of it.


New recruit, Dr Candy Taylor, explains how she’ll be tackling auxinic herbicide resistance research

On today’s AHRI Snapshots, we’re catching up with our newest AHRI team member, Dr Candy Taylor! Candy has recently joined the team as a Research Associate. She’s going to be looking at understanding auxinic herbicide resistance dynamics.