Australian Herbicide Resistance Initiative (AHRI)



AHRI Snapshots is a podcast which provides info on what we do at AHRI, as well as updates on weeds research from across the country and internationally.

AHRI researchers work out of the University of Western Australia, next to the beautiful Swan River in WA’s capital, Perth.

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AHRI researchers discover that 2,4-D synergises metribuzin

In this episode, we’re catching up with AHRI’s Dr Heping Han to talk about some recent research he published on 2,4-D syngergising metribuzin.


Assessing the capability and potential of LiDAR for weed detection

Nooshin discusses her latest paper which looked at the capability of Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) sensors to detect + locate weeds.


Glyphosate resistance mechanism with similarities to cancer drug resistance in humans identified

Steve Powles

AHRI researchers have identified a new glyphosate resistance mechanism which has similarities to cancer drug resistance in humans.


The adaptive value of flowering time in wild radish with Ci Sun

On this episode of AHRI Snapshots, we caught up with AHRI Masters Graduate Ci Sun. She published her first paper as first author recently on the adaptive value of flowering timing in wild radish. The paper has some important key takeaway messages which we get into in this interview.


AHRI research update & the weed assessment calculator

AHRI’s Director Hugh Beckie gives an update on research out of AHRI and talks about his paper on the weed assessment calculator.


Glyphosate resistance in capeweed a world-first finding for AHRI

In this edition of AHRI Snapshots, we’re chatting with AHRI Agronomy Team researcher, Dr Yaseen Khalil about his latest paper which identified the world’s first glyphosate resistant capeweed.