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AHRI Snapshots is a podcast which provides info on what we do at AHRI, as well as updates on weeds research from across the country and internationally.

AHRI researchers work out of the University of Western Australia, next to the beautiful Swan River in WA’s capital, Perth.

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Has crop seed cleaning improved in the last 10 years?

On this edition of AHRI Snapshots, we’re catching up with AHRI’s Dr Mechelle Owen about her latest paper “Lessons learnt: crop-seed cleaning reduces weed-seed contamination in Western Australian grain samples” and also find out what’s in the pipeline for her upcoming survey work in Western Australia.


Surprising result: loss of trifluralin metabolic resistance in ryegrass plants exposed to prosulfocarb recurrent selection

Today on AHRI Snapshots we’re catching up with AHRI’s Dr Roberto Busi to find out more about his latest paper on the loss of trifluralin metabolic resistance in ryegrass plants exposed to prosulfocarb recurrent selection.


On a good thing? Don’t stick to it! – the Director’s Cut – an overview of AHRI 5 and what’s to come

We recently published AHRI insight highlighting the research outcomes out of the AHRI 5 project, which has GRDC investment. We’re now entering the next five-year project: AHRI 6, which also has GRDC investment. AHRI Director Professor Hugh Beckie joins us on the AHRI Snapshots podcast today to reflect on the major achievements out of AHRI 5 and give us some insight into what’s on the agenda for the new AHRI project.


The complexities of 2,4-D resistance explained by AHRI researcher Dr Danica Goggin

This week on AHRI Snapshots, we’re chatting with AHRI researcher, Dr Danica Goggin on her latest findings into 2,4-D research. The findings have been published in her paper: “Plasma membrane receptor-like kinases and transporters are associated with 2,4-D resistance in wild radish”. This paper was recently published in the Annals of Botany, Volume 125. Peter Newman recently wrote AHRI insight on this paper and has done an explainer video. Pete said it was one of the trickiest papers he’s had to get his head around. Danica joins us to break down this complex paper.


Focus paddock project shows WA is having a win with weed control

In this interview, we chat with DPIRD grain researcher, Martin Harries, about a six-year focus paddock survey he led. The survey collated data from 184 paddocks spanning 14 million hectares of cropping land in Western Australia. It was all made possible with a DPIRD and GRDC investment and the collaboration of 13 farming groups; including the Facey, Liebe, Mingenew-Irwin groups and WANTFA. Martin has recently published the weeds aspect of this research as part of his PhD and reported that we’re having some great success with weed control in Western Australia.


Northern region growers in unique position to incorporate other weed control methods

On this edition of AHRI Snapshots, we catch up with Agri-Science Queensland research scientist, Dr Adam Jalaludin about the results from a GRDC-funded survey he conducted in the Northern region on problem weeds. He shares the key takeaways from the research, as well as some practical information for growers and agronomists.