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AHRI Snapshots is a podcast which provides info on what we do at AHRI

Our researchers work out of the University of Western Australia, next to the beautiful Swan River in WA’s capital, Perth.

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Tony Swan on double breaks research

Short black, long black, double shot, double break? Coffee preference is a little like crop sequences. Perhaps you’re a ‘short black’ wheat-canola type, strong on inputs? Or a ‘long black’ type who likes to dilute their rotations a bit more? Or are you a ‘double shot’, throwing in a few break crops in a row for maximum effect? Hear from Tony Swan in this podcast on the key findings of the research on double breaks.


Harvest Weed Seed Control study results and new Diversity Era course now live!

harvest weed seed control

AHRI Director Stephen Powles discusses the latest paper out of the research group “Harvest Weed Seed Control Systems are Similarly Effective on Rigid Ryegrass” and talks about the positive results.


What’s going on at the Global Herbicide Resistance Challenge Conference?

AHRI 2017 Denver

The AHRI Team is in Denver, Colorado for the Global Herbicide Resistance Challenge Conference! Jessica Strauss catches up with Peter Newman and gets an insight on how his presentation on communications went, as well as finding out what other research and developments are being presented at the conference. 


Chaff deck developer Colin Hutchinson chats weed control

Colin Hutchinson

Colin Hutchinson developed the chaff deck and has had great success with it. He farms out of Tammin in which is in the southern part of Western Australia. Take a listen to find out more about how he’s managed to keep the weeds at bay and the reasons behind why he believed the chaff deck is a great tool.


Paraquat resistance with Steve Powles

With it being double knock season, paraquat might be a herbicide you’ll be adding to your program. Steve Powles chats with Jessica Strauss about how he first discovered paraquat resistance and the implications of this. He also imparts some handy tips for herbicide use during seeding. Take a listen!


Roberto Busi explains research into 2,4-D resistance in wild radish

Our latest published paper is Inheritance of 2,4-D resistance traits in multiple herbicide-resistant Raphanus raphanistrum (wild radish) populations. In this podcast, Roberto Busi explains the findings of his study.