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Working in a number of research areas, AHRI has produced a large number of publications which are available to download. View the latest publications below, or search with the filter.


Herbicide resistance management strategies: How do they compare with those for insecticides, fungicides and antibiotics?

Recommended herbicide resistance management strategies and tactics have evolved over the past 50 years through cumulative research and experience, and have been regularly reviewed. Nevertheless, new perspectives may be gained by viewing current recommended strategies through the lens of insecticide, fungicide, and antibiotic resistance management.

What commonalities exist and what is the basis for disparate strategies? Find out by reading the paper in full. 

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An ABCC-type transporter endowing glyphosate resistance in plants

ABC transporter genes are present in plants and now a specific ABC transporter has been shown to endow resistance to the herbicide glyphosate, in a similar way to the way these ABC transporters can give resistance to anti-cancer drugs in humans. This is the first time that a plant ABC transporter has been found responsible for herbicide resistance. 

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Assessing the Capability and Potential of LiDAR for Weed Detection

In this study, the capability of Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) sensors were assessed to detect and locate weeds. For this purpose, two trials were performed using artificial targets (representing weeds) at different heights and diameter to understand the detection limits of a LiDAR.

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