Australian Herbicide Resistance Initiative (AHRI)

Herbicide Technology

Herbicide Technology

As herbicides continue to be an essential tool in-crop weed control, ongoing herbicide sustainability is essential in Australian cropping and is a principal AHRI focus.

Research Fellow Dr Roberto Busi leads the Herbicide Technology and weed resistance evolution program at AHRI. This program works to characterise new cases of resistance, assess the risk of herbicide resistance before it is reported from the field and develops herbicide-based weed management programs.

Roberto conducts research on the evolutionary dynamics of herbicide resistance – to discover and understand why and how weeds can evolve resistance so fast. Over the past six years, his research has focused on the impact of using low herbicide rates, and in a world first, established that persistent use of the pre-emergent herbicide Sakura (pyroxasulfone) at low rates can lead to rapid resistance evolution in Lolium rigidum.

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