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RIM Publications

RIM Publications

RIM 2013 – Model description and recommendations, default settings, user guide

M Lacoste & S Powles (2016) Beyond modelling: considering user-centred and post-development aspects to ensure the success of a decision support system. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 121: 260-268

M Lacoste & S Powles, (2015) RIM: Anatomy of a Weed Management Decision Support System for Adaptation and Wider Application. Weed Science, 63 (3), 676–689

M Lacoste & Powles, S.B. (2014) Upgrading the RIM Model for Improved Support of Integrated Weed Management Extension Efforts in Cropping Systems. Weed Technology, 28 (4), 703-720

M Lacoste, (2014) RIM 2013: default settings. Australian Herbicide Resistance Initiative & School of Agricultural and Resource Economics, The University of Western Australia, Perth

M Lacoste, (2013) RIM, Ryegrass Integrated Management – User guide. Perth, Australia: Australian Herbicide Resistance Initiative, The University of Western Australia. 9 pp

RIM 2004 – Model description and reference guide

D Pannell, V Stewart, A Bennett, M Monjardino, C Schmidt & S Powles, (2004) RIM: a bioeconomic model for integrated weed management of Lolium rigidum in Western Australia. Agricultural Systems, 79, 305-325.

J Pluske, D Pannell & A Bennett, (2004) RIM 2004 Reference Manual. A decision tool for integrated management of herbicide-resistant annual ryegrass. Perth, Australia: School of Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of Western Australia. 46 pp.

A Draper & B Roy, (2002) Ryegrass RIM model stands the test of IWM field trial data. AgriBusiness Crop Updates 2002, 49-50.

M Lacoste, R Llewellyn, S Powles & D Pannell, (2013) RIM 2004 workshops: evaluation – Farmers and consultants surveys. Australian Herbicide Resistance Initiative & School of Agricultural and Resource Economics, The University of Western Australia, Perth. 8pp.

RIM – Other versions

M Monjardino, D Pannell & S Powles, (2003) Multispecies resistance and integrated management: a bioeconomic model for integrated management of rigid ryegrass (Lolium rigidum) and wild radish (Raphanus raphanistrum). Weed Science 51, 798-809.

J Torra, A Cirujed,  J Recasens, A Taberner & S Powles, (2010) PIM (Poppy Integrated Management): a bio-economic decision support model for the management of Papaver rhoeas in rain-fed cropping systems. Weed Research 50, 127-139.

J Beltran, D Pannell, G Doole & B White, (2012) A bioeconomic model for analysis of integrated weed management strategies for annual barnyard grass (Echinochloa crus-galli complex) in Philippine rice farming systems. Agricultural Systems, 112, 1-10.

RIM – Uses

Monjardino, M., Pannell, D.J. and Powles, S.B. (2004) The economic value of haying and green manuring in the integrated management of annual ryegrass and wild radish in a Western Australian farming system. Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture 44, 1195-1203.

M Monjardino, D Pannell, and S Powles, (2005) The economic value of glyphosate-resistant canola in the management of two widespread crop weeds in a Western Australian farming system. Agricultural Systems 84, 297-315.

R Llewellyn, D Pannell, R Lindner & S Powles, (2005) Targeting key perceptions when planning and evaluating extension. Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture 45, 1627-1633.

R Llewellyn & D Pannell, (2009). Managing the herbicide resource: an evaluation of extension on management of herbicide-resistant weeds. AgBioForum 12, 358-369.

G Doole, D Pannell & C Revell, (2009) Economic contribution of French serradella (Ornithopus sativus Brot.) pasture to integrated weed management in Western Australian mixed farming systems: an application of compressed annealing. Australian Journal of Agricultural Ressource Economics 53, 193–212.

G Doole & C Revell, (2010) Delayed pasture germination allows improved rigid ryegrass (Lolium rigidum) control through grazing and broad-spectrum herbicide application. Crop Protection 29, 153-162.

J Beltran, P Pannell & G Doole, (2012) Economic implications of herbicide resistance and high labour costs for management of annual barnyard grass (Echinochloa crus-galli) in Philippine rice farming systems. Crop Protection 31, 31-39.

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