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What is AHRI?

Welcome to The Australian Herbicide Resistance Initiative (AHRI) homepage! Before you dig into all our publications and podcasts, you might be wondering who we are and what we do. AHRI was a GRDC initiative which launched in 1998 under the guidance of Professor Stephen Powles. In 2018, we celebrated 20 years of GRDC funding, operating as a research group out of the University of Western Australia. You can get a great overview of what we’re all about by watching the video on the right. You can also learn more in this Outlooks on Pest Management article here.

Blog: AHRI insight
World’s first metabolism-based glyphosate resistance discovered

Mon, 11 Nov 2019

Wine casks, plastic banknotes, WiFi, the refrigerator, lawnmower and the humble ute (pickup truck) are all Australian, world-first inventions. Which of these makes the biggest difference in your life? As long as it’s not the wine cask you’re doing just fine! We now have a world first in herbicide resistance. research by visiting Chinese researcher to AHRI, Dr Pan Lang under the watchful eye of Qin Yu, concluded that they were looking at the world’s first case of metabolism-based resistance to glyphosate. The culprit? Click through to find out!

Featured Publication
Publications Aldo-keto reductase metabolizes glyphosate and confers glyphosate resistance in Echinochloa colona

Mon, 4 Nov 2019

In this Plant Physiology paper, it is clearly established that glyphosate resistance in this Echinochloa population is due to an enhanced capacity to metabolise glyphosate, catalysed by an Aldo-keto reductase gene.  The first author on the paper is Dr Pan Lang, now at the Hunan Agricultural University, Changsha, China. Pan Lang spent one year in our AHRI laboratory on a China Scholarship Council award and he continued this research upon his return to China.  

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