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AHRI Agronomy Trials

Introducing our new GRDC funded crop competition projects. Dr Mike Ashworth and Roberto Lujan Rocha are working to minimise ryegrass and wild radish weed seed production, whilst maximising yields.

Blog: AHRI insight
Rare but predictable – A new target-site mutation for glyphosate resistance discovered

Fri, 19 Oct 2018

AHRI’s principal research fellow, Dr Qin Yu, in collaboration with other international researchers, has demonstrated that in Tridax daisy, glyphosate resistance is associated with the Thr-102 site mutation alone. In contrast to earlier investigations with goosegrass, where both the Pro-106 and Thr-102 sites (TIPS) mutation endowed glyphosate resistance, this study has demonstrated that selection for a mutation at Thr-102 alone can lead to moderate level glyphosate resistance in the field.

Featured Publication
Publications Influence of Crop Competition and Harvest Weed Seed Control on Rigid Ryegrass (Lolium rigidum) Seed Retention Height in Wheat Crop Canopies

Tue, 9 Oct 2018

In this paper, Walsh et al at several sites confirmed that the majority of retained Lolium seed at grain harvest will be captured. This was true in crop fields in which HWSC had been conducted for several years. 

Please note that we are NOT stating that plants cannot evolve resistance to HWSC. Indeed, everything that herbicide resistance has taught us is that plant populations will respond to any persistent, effective selection pressure. Importantly, this study showed that a good, competitive wheat crop meant that Lolium responded with taller plants, meaning that retained weed seed was relatively high in the canopy and thus captured by HWSC.  This shows the yield and weed control advantages of having a good, competitive high yielding crop. A healthy, competitive crop, HWSC and diversity in methods of weed control are key to sustainable systems!

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