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The Grand Opening of the GRDC Crop & Weed Agronomy Laboratory was on June 26. Take a look at the video to see the progress of the build!

Blog: AHRI insight
‘Clear and present danger’ – glyphosate resistance in the North

Fri, 7 Sep 2018

Researchers and growers have long been anticipating glyphosate resistance in the Northern cropping region and now the preliminary results from the first herbicide resistance survey in the region are confirming the ‘clear and present danger’ facing the grains industry. While growers have previously enjoyed the ‘freedom’ to use this herbicide as their go-to, highly effective tool for weed control, there’s now strong evidence that they should look for ways to protect this mode of action and implement a variety of tools such as the double knock, rotating herbicides and seed bank management as a matter of urgency.   

Featured Publication
Publications Glyphosate Resistance in Tridax procumbens via a Novel EPSPS Thr- 102-Ser Substitution

Mon, 27 Aug 2018

In this research, it was first established that Tridax, a global tropical weed species, evolved glyphosate resistance in the Ord River irrigation area in north-western Western Australia. This is the first report of glyphosate resistance in Tridax. The mechanism of glyphosate resistance was studied.  Various possible resistance mechanisms were NOT responsible for resistance (EPSPS gene amplification, different glyphosate uptake or translocation). In this glyphosate-resistant Tridax population, the glyphosate resistance mechanism is a mutation in the EPSPS gene causing substitution at amino acid 102 (Thr-102-Ser). 

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