Australian Herbicide Resistance Initiative (AHRI)



Riders of the Storm

Cropping and Resistance Forum 2017

The 3rd GRDC Crop Protection Forum event to be held at Bunya Campus (old Dalby Ag College) Lecture Theatre on December 6th, 2017 will explore the implications and solutions for chemical resistance in northern cropping systems.

For the past two decades, agronomic practices have dramatically improved the profitability of farming systems, however, there is a steady increase in weeds, disease and pests that threaten crop productivity.

The Australian Herbicide Resistance Initiative (AHRI) is partnering with the Centre for Crop & Disease Management (CCDM) to deliver key messages from their latest research

Senior researchers from AHRI, CCDM, University of Queensland, NSWDPI and more will give their insights into how to control weeds, pests and disease, whilst also providing practical recommendations to maintain the efficacy of current practices. The forum will also be an opportunity for participants to view some of the latest farm equipment including a driverless tractor, stripper front, chaff deck and more.

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